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Moving Forward Training Source 
We believe that people are valuable and must be valued.
Our level of success is tied to our potential for growth
Our growth is tied to experiences gained
Our experiences are tied to opportunities granted or taken
And opportunity must be met with preparedness.
MFTS is dedicated to “Adding Value” to people, leaders, churches, organizations and communities. We have a great team of professionals who provide training, workshops, coaching and tools that promote intentional growth and preparedness in business, finances, personal, professional and leadership development. Our workshops and training will help increase the potential for greater individual and organizational success and enhance leader skills to greatly add value to people, their  organization and community.
We believes that we all have a responsibility to grow and advance ourselves, as well as our community. Let us provide the tools that moves you forward to your greater potential that represents your true level of professionalism. We must be intentional about leaving a legacy for the next generation. Let's Move Forward together!
"We Add Value."
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Pauline Josephs-McCleary 
President & CEO
MA, MFT, Medaille College
BS, Community & Human Service, ESC
AAS, Accounting/Business, BCC
Certified Trainer, Coach, Speaker, John Maxwell Institute
Certified Community Developer
"Living on Purpose"
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