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Leading Forward

A leadership workshop designed to help leaders add value to their people, the community and their organization. "Grow your people, grow your organization"

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Wealth Building Series
We believe that building wealth is very important to any community. Our wealth building tools and training help to raise community awareness, increase people's capacity to create wealth and to minimize the wealth gap.
We believe that the church must play a larger role in building wealth in communities. Our Leading Forward leadership workshops provide tools and training to assist leaders in  community wealth building.

Grant Writng &

The Power of the 501C3

This workshop provides training in grant writing and the proper use of your 501C3 to be able to fund your vision and change lives.

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Coaching / Mentoring

We provide individual Coaching and Mentoring opportunities for business start-ups and personal, professional and leadership development.

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We provide opportunities for businesses, organizations and churches to network together to bring about greater potential for growing our people and communities.

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Business Start-Up 

We provide training and business mentoring for those wanting to start a business or may be looking for a re-start. Creating viable and sustainable  businesses contributes to building wealth in our communities.  

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Personal, Professional & Leadership Development

We conduct customized training and development for businesses, organizations and churches to grow their staff, and leaders..

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Video Tutorials 


We believe that people are valuable and we must be intentional about creating opportunities for growth.

We help people "Live on Purpose"

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